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Kinny G, Varimathras, and Coven
Posted by Jamal on 6.16.18

Things Happened
Posted by Jamal on 4.3.18

We Rang Her Bell
Posted by Jamal on 2.11.18

Standing Out and Stepping Up.
Posted by Jamal on 02.26.18

I was happy we killed Hasabel this last weekend and got some meaningful pull in on AHC with our remaining time. I drank a bit after raid; talked with anyone who would listen in discord before my kids woke up for the afternoon. To my suprise that wasn't the best part of my day I took my break at work to start watching the raid VoD from the twitch stream. I knew we had a good morning of farm and wanted to see if we were just lucky with RNG or was it something else that had changed.

I watched our Aggramar kill and what really stuck out to me is when we were behind on the adds and debuffs. An audible was called and everyone reacted as though they'd either been thinking the same thing as me OR like we'd done it before. What followed was what I was sure a wipe. an add was on the lose probably less than a second away from hitting the boss and wiping the already low raid and strained healers. it got stunned not once or twice but CC'd three times before it was banished. Then I asked for a banish on a farther away target and there was no confusion as to what I meant or who was responsible. The rest of the fight was as designed and we finished heroic got our 1000 level trinkets (some of us) and went into mythic.

I changed the plan on our first boss and went with 4 healers instead of the usually safe 5. I knew we could heal it but if there were too many mistakes we couldn't catch up. As I wanted the vod I saw everyone covering soaks, using raid body language to telepath intentions, and successfully if not closely avoiding mistakes. add in silky smooth transitions we don't always get and you have a dead one shot farm boss. Dogs was dogs, the stack group did very well even without a blue marker to call the stack point. One shot. Eonar who we wiped to for nearly 40 minutes the weekend prior was our cleanest kill yet as we demonstrated an understandong (finally) of the life forve mechanic. one shot. Then we faced Portal Keeper and after a quick vantus rune and ten wipes we killed the boss.

On the kill we burned a Brez early on me so we didn't have one for our potal groups healer. it lead to two more deaths as they had 2 healers for the green portal. it was tough but we managed. Lyll Stepped up for the green portal group (not that it's mechanically difficult but the pressure might get to a lesser raider) and successfully we navigated. The heaers were OOm at this point... the 50% mark on the boss. we rezed glaive and releaved the mana strain but had to sacrifice damage in the upcoming purple portal. We lost 4 more people including our only healer with mana to spare. What happened for the next 2 or 3 minutes was amazing. The healers OOM kept us topped off and on our last patch of imps the attrition added up and we lost 2 more. 5% left on the boss we caled to tunnel and communicated what we had to delay the imps casts. We never got the next set of imp and we were 4/11M. it felt good at the moment but better seeing how much adversity we went through for the kill. Everyone desrved it.

I don't know if there's such a thing as momentum week to week but for what it's worth I'd love to see another progression kill next weekend. On twitter we announced our intentions of reaching cutting edge. It's official and we're going for it. Hopefully everyone can share the ride.

3/11M & Hasabel's Next
Posted by Jamal on 2.11.18

Antorus Cleared
Posted by Jamal on 12.30.17

Mythic Update
Posted by Jamal on 10.22.17


Heroic Update
Posted by Jamal on 09.14.17

I'm happy to say the Wreckedified team finally got our AotC achievement A few weeks back. It was a pretty punishing fight but one that I'll remember for a while. We also made it through summer and all the challenges that presents. Turnover has been a problem as people have chosen to step back in their roles on the team. Darksbane and Frostmark are going to be having a baby early next year and I wish the best for both of them. Fayt has stepped down because he just didn't have the fire for Warcraft he used to and after 7 years He and I aren't raiding together anymore; Maybe he'll get bored with league of legends? :). Jeco who was with us since HFC has been on hiatus and still doesn't know if it's possible for him to return. We've lost a few others who've joined us recently but recruitment has been a fruitful endeavor. I hope we'll move into mythic this weekend seamlessly and make the transition into 7.3.5 as well as we did into ToS.

Recruitment at this time is open to very few positions. Two ranged DPS spots and maybe one melee spot with a STRONG tank off-spec. We can use any mages.

KJ Kill
Posted by Jamal on 09.14.17


The Tomb of Sargeras
Posted by Jamal on 06.19.17


A new raid drops tomorrow and we're ready to stick it to Kil'jaeden. We finished Nighthold with a mythic Krosus kill which took a lot of determination to pull off. Our first week will consist of normals and I expect us to topple the tomb quickly to give us time for heroic progress. Raid tier surveys are being finished and at this time I'm missing 9 responses.

I've been lazy about updating the website and I've tried to remedy that fact by updating the expectations page Here. I'm happy for everyone we have with us at this time it was a great kick off to the start of the expansion. I'd like to give a special thank you to our off-spec players Raez, Rada, and Zino who've made role absences something I don't need to worry myself about.

Also to say again, some of us look for players who'd like to participate in Mythic+ runs regularly. If you're interested or want to get into that type of content feel free to reach out. It's a lot of fun compared to your old run-of-the-mill world quests. While talking about world quests, let's talk about artifact power and Tomb of Sargeras, I want everyone to be at least level 52 (concordance) in their main weapons spec before normal tomb. This is easily obtainable by doing minimal content. If anyone is feeling burnout of that content a message would be appriciated. I understand legion doesn't reward the set-it/forget-it strategy of the past expansions but you need to adapt to the changing game state.

Let's keep up the great work and quality play in tomb It's going to be a fantastic zone.

Mythic Update
Posted by Jamal on 05.09.17

Six more weeks of Nighthold progression left. 3/10M with Krosus next. Recruitment is extremely limited at this point.



The Nighthold and saying goodbye.
Posted by Jamal on 04.09.17

I've been meaning to update the website but haven't had the time to write anything of value. Since Nighthold has opened we've finished the heroic content and killed our first boss in mythic. 7.2 is live and we're building up to the release of Tomb of Sargeras. With the progreess we've made we also have had to say goodbye to a long time member of the team and a part of our healing team. Hiyun has decided to move on from the AM raiding scene. We're recruiting a 5th healer and some DPS. Monday evenings has become and unofficial Mythic plus night and if you're free we can probably find a group to get your 10+ key done for the week. Here's some pictures.



The Nightmare.
Posted by Jamal on 01.15.17

Over the last 17 weeks we've been finding our way through the emerald nightmare and we were proven worthy during the Trials of Valor. A week before a new raid is released I like to take some time thinking about this teams goals in the old instance. Mythic difficulty was achieved and successfully executed when we were able to field 20, attendance was tracked and enforced, and I've done my best to keep up on recruitment with a bit of help from you guys.

At the end of the nightmare our progress stand at 3/7M and 3/3H. A great stat line for us at 4 hours a week. Of course when you look at the fact we lost 6 weeks of progress between Thanksgiving and new years it begs the question, "Where could we have ended?". I'm happy with our progress and our dedication, let's not lose that going into nighthold.

Tracking attendance and performance was easy, seeing the patterns and making judgement calls based on it wasn't. You'll notice our roster has had a bit of turnover most of which was mutual. We will picked up some great talent along the way and I'm elated nothing was as volatile as warlords. Currently we sit at 24 players and I'm looking for another ranged and melee DPS.

A huge thanks needs to go out to our teams tanks with a sparkling 100% and healers who've continued to show up even though we're dumb and bad at times and to our DPS who challenges themselves without needing any incentives outside of dead bosses, thanks. I'll see you guys on the other side of Nighthold.

And Here...We...Go...
Posted by Jamal on 10.14.16

Does anyone else really like Legion? Maybe it's the class balance, maybe it's good RNG on titanforged loot, or maybe it's because when I'm out of game I want to be in game when something happens. People get to do stuff outside of raids for player power, the last time I felt that was possible for me was ICC pugging 25 mans so our small group could have a chance to kill 10m lich king. Even if you don't go hard in the paint you're still able to be competative and that's fantastic. This is the best start to an expansion I've ever had personally; We're knocking on the door to mythic with a sizeable roster able to handle the content. I've used discord for announcements and reached all our raiders but I wanted to remind people of our "bottom line" if you want to call it that. Here is my announcement from before raids opened (under the expectations tab). Attendance has been working as intended, performance has been fine so far. We have two weeks left for everyone to meet those expectations. For all our trials, after the 15th I'll be going over all our logs and after our raid on the 22nd I'll be making desicions. All our members have been great and an asset to our progression. Keep up the good work.


How green is this grass? There's a lot of new teams forming with old players coming back to the game and some of us have the time to raid with others; some of us do not. I understand it's fun, I understand heroic lockouts don't matter (although it does effect the number of drops), and I even understand that we're not doing mythic content yet. I can guarentee when you were recruited, the question of "is 1 day a week enough progression for you?" and before you send me a message asking to run an alt with THIS team instead of who you applied with I encourage you to remember your answer. If circumstances changed we can revisit that sure but it's not a hot swap situation here.

Raiding prep and consumables are EXPENSIVE, and after of this week they're going to be required--150 ring enchants, 150 cloak enchants, if you have an 865 or equvilent nect get an expansive enchant (2 million damage per fight), codexs for changing talents, Legion 300 food, Legion flasks, Legion pots (pre and combat) except on fights its sad to use them on like pre-pots on illgynoth are sad. We absolutely need to tear through our heroic farm bosses for gear. I'd recommend budgeting 7 codexs, 40 pots, 40 food, and 4 flasks a week for raids. If you don't have the means to support this, ask for hand outs not during raid time or gather mats yourself and ask an alchemist to make them for you. Several alchemists on the team are close to getting rank 3 pots which will increase yield by around 70%, please do this outside of raid time, it's such a waste waiting for people to trade around mats all morning.

Mythic is in reach, stay on target, Let's get there.

Mythic Gorefiend
Posted by Jamal on 6.4.16


Mythic Council and Kilrogg
Posted by Jamal on 3.5.16



Role Leaders, Mythic Progression, and Recruitment
Posted by Jamal on 3.3.16

BoonsicleOnce at the beginning of the expansion, when we all had bright eyes at what Warlords of Draenor could bring us, this team had a plan. The last couple weeks we tackled our largest challenge. Mythic Raiding. Finally something we can celebrate after archimonde in November, but it hasn't been without it's share of dispointments. We're wiping to Iron Reaver but have been so close it getting a kill; the nature of the beast I suppose. Personally, my spirits are high even though we need to show more discipline during our pulls. More great news, We're only doing two heroic bosses a week so there's plenty of mythic for the forseeable future.

The future holds other changes as well. We changed our casual loot system for a council based one. Which, in my opinion, has been succesful even though It's been a long time since I've used it. Our current coucil and more importantly, our teams role leaders, are Sou as our melee role leader, Ciredor hold our Ranged DPS Lead spot, and Hiyun will be our healing leader then including myself and Krelumian to the list you have your 5 council members. What will our role leads be responsible for? Folowing up on player performance weekly and identifying outliers, Giving feedback on trials positions, and most importantly helping me research future fights and come up with strategy and positioning for each of these roles. Let's face it, I needed the help.


A much older post put it best by saying "recruitment is hard". I've done everything I can, seemingly called in ALL of my favors to get a group together and, even braving the group finder for recruitment. We're at 21 raiders who are dedicated to making mythic progression work for us. We've had a lot of help from an outside guild to fill in slots where we needed them and help from some of our old roster when they're available. I'd also like to welcome our new recruits and say that they're doing well. Hopefully the RNG bosses are kind and give them the tomes they need for their legendary rings. In other recruitment news, we still need two more players to complete a roster. We need two players who are okay with playing hybrid classes and filling a healing role in a pinch. Boomkins and Shadow priests, please lend us your aid and bring your coffee.

The reality of Mythic
Posted by Jamal on 12.23.15

Happy Holidays to anyone and everyone reading. It's been too long since I've last posted anything about WoW or the raid team. That's probably because we're been busy knocking out all the bosses in HFC while dealing with the waning interest as we wait for Legion. After we killed Archimonde in November I stumbled on the question of "What now?" for the team.

After the holidays we'll be having a 'meeting' of sorts to go over where we're at and what needs to be done to even attempt any mythic bosses. I'll run down the things I want to say here. Our first course of action would be to strongly enforce attendance and because of the flexible raid size I've over looked a lot of absences which won't be possible going forward. We then need to focus on recruitment. We've lost a lot of players in the last couple months and it leaves us with FOUR spots open (1 Heal, 1 Melee, and 2 Ranged) in order to even reach 20 players. I have stopped bringing in trial players until we've decided what we want to do until the next Xpac. We will need to farm the instance to gear these new players up (probably) and will want to make this as quick as possible, that means killing the bottom wing.... again. The last order of business would be to address the issue of under performance while raiding. I understand there's probably not the burn to do your best this late in the tier and expansion but if we're going to have a chance at progression a few players need to step up their game.

As a raid leader I've leaned heavily on more responsible members of the team for certain parts of our progression and I need to step up my game myself. I need to take charge of, and do better with, call outs and solidifying strategies pre-pull. I feel like we CAN get results with our team but would need to change our attitude towards a more hardcore mentality in order to achieve that potential. I think we all want to see the team succeed but maybe all of us aren't interested in mythic.

As I see it we don't have many options outside of moving to a mythic level as a team. We can farm the last two bosses until our rings are max'd and maybe we can carry some people for moose kills. We can run with alts to mix it up week to week and start planning/recruiting for Legion raiding. We can just try and stick together by playing other games together for the next 5, 6, or more months then form up when we get a better picture of a release date. These are all viable options but there's already been enough animosity about bringing alts in for gear and re-running old content for one or two people. Whatever we end up doing It's going to be a long wait and, subsequently, a LONG summer. I will be online.

Heroic Archimonde
Posted by Jamal on 11.21.15


Hellfire Citadel Progression (so far)
Posted by Jamal on 7.13.15

BoonsicleBlackrock Foundry will hold a special place in all of our hearts I'm sure but it's time to look forward to a new raid. We've been in HFC for three weeks already and it's looking like we're going to be here for a while (that's fine with me). There's 13 bosses 5 of which we've vanquished in our short time and I have to say I've enjoyed my time in this new instance. Although it's very green I'm excited to see all of the bosses this tier has to offer. After skimming most of the fights ahead of us I think we're going to have a great time working as a team in order to finish this instance.

We had to say goodbye to a few friends this tier and I want to wish Zi, Shadownado, Nimrod, Blackorpheous, and Raistlyn the best of luck with everything they do outside of the game and hopefully to see them back soon. Moving forward I want to welcome our Trials and new members to the team Wullie, Seaneous, Lablue, Jude, and Naise. Looking forward to raiding with you in the future. Currently we need Ranged DPS that's not in the mage or hunter flavor. A shadow priest and a warlock would be a great addition and as always great players are welcome to apply.

As we come to the final turn of the expansion I wanted to spend a seconds and make a quick blurb here to talk about it as a whole and where I hope the game goes into the future (because I can). Warlords of Draenor was an amazing expansion in the beginning. I was riding the hype train with everyone else. The raiding in highmaul (I felt) was quite refreshing after SoO and I welcomed it. Some of Blackrock Foundry was fun, Flamebender, Kromog, Iron Maidens, Blast Furnace, and even Blackhand was fun but frustrating. In retrospective though the raid as a whole was not new, this of course from a heroic standpoint as mythic could have been, and in seeing even the first 7 bosses in HFC leaves me salty about how much effort I put into raiding BRF.

I want more from an expansion than garrisons and shipyards. More than rares and treasure. Especially more than apexsis crystals. Even though I rarely spend a lot of time outside of raids in game I want to WANT to run dungeons. Make me want to do special events again 5.3 and Timeless Isle style. Maybe I'm seeing things through rose glasses but even for me as someone who really isn't invested in lore, exploration, an army of alts, or collection/completetion, the game now seems small for someone who only has one toon. Here's to looking ahead, tier and expansion wise, WoW is love WoW is life.

Heroic Blackhand Posted by Jamal on 5.31.15


Summer is Upon Us!
Posted by Jamal on 4.13.15

If last week is any indication we're on the verge of the most evil of seasons. Summer forces people outdoors, kicks them out of school, and makes weddings and outings much more common. We can't beat this inevitable torture so we just cope. Luckily absences don't halt our heroic progression but as we reach the end of BRF, and focus on Mythic progress, it can. Our roster is almost 23 with many Off-Spec players being able to fill in if we need them to (and a big thanks to those people!) and ready to handle the burden. Let's make a concentrated effort to show up on time and be ready to go when you get there. Obviously the team won't have perfect attendance and no one should plan for that but the change of seasons with all of the other effects will have more bearing as we progress.

Plan to do a quick write up of the heroic loot you need and from what bosses so we can save some time with a lockout. The write up should have upgrades in ilvl, Side grades for stats, and better optimization per spec (Trinkets, dual wield vs 2H Weapons). Please don't expect WF gear and plan to farm EVERY BOSS until we have it just think of Mythic as 2xWF. We'll be doing tier bosses and Blackhand for the foreseeable future. This will help us make our farm faster combined with our mastery and each of our self improvements upon the fights.

I talked with a few of our members the last couple weeks about raid performance and specifically about self improvement and how that applies to our team. I personally hold it in high regard and enjoy challenging myself each week. (as a DPS it's what keeps it fun for me) I can't force anyone but this should be a goal of yours too. Not to be the worlds best *class here* but just to do better than you did last week, remember when we take damage use a defensive cooldown, know when we're going to Bloodlust and hold your cooldowns for a few seconds, change up your talents to something maybe a bit more "micromanagy" but yields better results, and possibly tweak your UI to incorporate information better. No one needs to do everything every week, but self evaluation and improvement are great skills to have.

With that I have to say great job the last couple weeks on Iron Maidens and Blast Furnace. We need some coordination on the slags and elementalists then shortly I feel P3 inc. (I'm told it gets better) Also a grand hello to our new members Bajerin and Wylliam! Also a /wave to our current trial members, Cieredor, Raideon, Kuppcake, and Treeshark.

How to Take a Break.
Posted by Jamal on 3.15.15

Breaks are mandatory. Whether or not you agree most teams take them throughout a raid day and will continue doing so. Why do we do it? isn't it possible for people to take care of themselves while fighting trash or just asking for a res? While both of these things are true gaming is tough on the body. (LOL right?) You're stuck in an unnatural position, at least I am, for hours at a time without the freedom to stretch much or ability to walk away and finish the project later. Raiding is fun and you may not even notice the time go by but I notice. I have observed after extended hours play gets sloppy, dps goes down, needless deaths go up, and progression becomes worse to participate in.

What do you do when we call a break? Really ask yourselves that. Do you use the facilities and grab a drink or a quick bite only to sit down for the next 6 minutes? I believe that an energized body leads to an active and responsive mind. I can't tell people what to do during breaks, but for me, I use all the time we get. First, Biology takes precedence, secondly sustenance, lastly exercise. (What!?) No I'm not lifting weights or anything extensive but I do stand up and stretch. I do a quick warm-up regimen as if I were going to work out. It gets the blood and air moving which feeds my brain and afterwards it makes me feel better. I'm not stressed coming back from a break I'm refreshed and wanting to wreck bosses.

Although I'm sure I look silly (and told I do) but it helps me push progress and keeps me motivated. I recommend people try it out because although 6 minutes of sitting and chatting is fun; figuring out what color the dress is doesn't kill bosses. Also happy to welcome some new members to the team since my last post Zi, Turkish, and Raistlyn you're all welcome additions to the team, Keep up the outstanding work, you and everyone else as we finish up Heroic BRF.

Imperator Down!
Posted by Jamal on 1.31.15


Processing the Progression
Posted by Jamal on 1.31.15

I'm happy to say today we killed Imperator Mar'gok after three long weeks of progression. We smashed our faces on p2 for our first official day, P3 proved difficult as we learned how mitigate the AE and tank spike damage. Today, we mastered the second intermission and stopped believing the "Free Hugs" sign Force Nova handed out.

Blackrock Foundry opens this Tuesday and with it 10 new bosses and another grind to complete heroic progression. While we were working on Imperator we made specific changes as we moved along. These are my favorite boss encounters, long and meticulous grinds that require attention to detail and allow for a multitude of strategies to be implemented. Often questions are asked like, "when do you change the strat" "How long before something isn't working" and "Why did we wipe"? The latter most of the three is my favorite and here's why.

Picture this, You're all dead, lying on the floor with an Ogre magi standing Triumphant. The boss despawns and the majority of the raiders are running back and someone asks on Mumble, "What happened?". There will be ideas thrown around and sometimes you get it right, but in my experience people are always focusing small picture. Specifically what causes a wipe like "Dave stepped on a mine" isn't the most helpful feedback. Why was Dave in that position? Did Dave forget we were in a phase with mines? Did he get knocked back? Was he going to die from Mark of Chaos? Specific questions but necessary to avoid the same mistake twice.

Breaking down fault is easy, How to adjust (if we need to) in order to avoid fault is difficult. Communication is a staple, if Dave can tell me that we end a phase in a poor location, maybe we can alter our positioning. "After the next mine, move past green" you all heard me say this, sometimes it didn't matter and the mines expired anyway, but on our best pulls the seconds we saved not having to run around mines were crucial (not really we wiped right as we entered the phase, lol) but it will be.

Everyone needs to take a step back once and a while and see wipes from a wide angle lens rather than digging into a death log with binoculars. No this isn't anything relating to something specific to anyone, so if you're offended please don't be :). It makes a raid leaders life easier when people aren't playing the blame game or trying to change everything every pull. Sometimes you just need to wipe it out.

Raid Team Churn
Posted by Jamal on 1.18.15

World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor came and went on the 13th of November with great success. Wreckedified geared up for our first raid December 13th when Highmaul opened and so the biggest transition of the team began. We were not prepared.

The Siege of Orgrimmar was generous in allowing many talented raiders to gear up and play multiple toons several times a week. With the encroaching Mythic difficulty though many of our raiders felt it was necessary to focus their efforts on one raid team rather than Co-Maining going into the expansion. We filled some spots and continued forward.

The opening weeks of Highmaul proved surprisingly challenging with the introduction of "Normal" as the previous "flex" difficulty showing some teeth. We had a slow start with more core raiders having obligations outside of the team and as we gained some steam others had the joy of welcoming children into thier lives. We filled and continued forward.

That leaves us here, where we're at now. The team has seen nearly 100% turnover but showing signs of stability. We're challenging ourselves on heroic content with farm becoming faster and easier. This last Saturday we finished up the morning taking our first real attempts on Imperator.

In closing, I can't begin to express my excitement for the future of the team as we round out our roster with the last few spots needed to enter Mythic Highmaul AND the opening of Blackrock Foundry in a couple weeks. This expansion has and will continue to challenge us and we'll persevere as we have so much already.