Wreckedified Raiding
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  What is the exact spelling of your character's name?'
  What raid-role are you applying for?
  What server is this character on?
  When do you want to be considered?
  How proficient are you on the toon you're applying with?
  Are you keeping this toon up-to-date and raid ready for now? If not, why not? If so, how often are you logging into this toon and raiding?
  Tell us anything you can about why you’re playing the class/spec you have chosen. Elaborate on differences between other specs and other classes, as well as your personal preferences.
  What do you do in preparation for a progression raid boss/night? Where do you go for information? List any websites or resources for boss strats/mechanics as well as class-specific tips.
  What is your raiding history like? Past raid teams, achievements, progression, atmosphere? Why, or why not is that what you prefer?
  We raid just four hours a week and that time is precious to us. If we select you for our team, what will you do to make that four hours as productive as possible?
  Why are you applying for Wreckedified specifically? Are applying to other teams as well?
  We raid early(6AM Pacific start time). Should we expect any issues with you not showing up? What about work/family time, do you expect to make at least 90% of our raids?
  We think Warcraft Logs is a fantastic tool. If you can, link a recent log from the toon you're applying with. If you don't have any logs, tell us what you know about how combat logging works.
  Do you spend any time in PvP? Tell us what benefits a PvE raider (if any) might get from PVPing?
  Wreckedified understands the importance of strong leaders, and how rare they are. Is team leadership (raid lead, admin, recruiting, etc.) something you want to try in the future? Do you want us to critique your leadership potential on the margin of your normal role as a raider?
  If you were a team leader of a raid like this, what would you do with a long-term team member who started under-performing?
  Did you read all of the required reading on the previous page?
  If your app looks good, we'll set up a mumble interview with you. Select the most accurate response below about how you view this part of our process.
  Add yourself to our Discord using this link https://discord.gg/5Hc49dW for us to contact you. We'll give you permissions as we can (won't be longer than a day).

In order for us to contact you about your application to Wreckedified you must have followed this link https://discord.gg/5Hc49dW for us to contact you.