Wreckedified Raiding
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Before applying, it will be understood that you read and understand the following team philosophy...

  Wreckedified was founded to be a team for great players to achieve great success with only a small time commitment. While everyone certainly has a different definition for what makes a great player, efficiency and competence are what we want from the members of our four-hour team. There are a few qualities that are crucial for making it with Wreckedified.  
Each member must be capable of seeing where they need to improve and fixing their issues. While the team will certainly offer feedback when they're able, we simply don't have time to check up on each player/class/spec. A player who self evaluates usually knows the best places to research for their class and will also take the time to check their logs for any deficient areas that might be improved upon.
  Handles Criticism Appropriately
Because of our four hour raid week we put great emphasis on efficiency. Constantly dealing with silly, avoidable mistakes can really affect our progress each week and ultimately leave us short of our raiding goals each tier. We also can't afford to bring along players who aren't pulling their weight. 

If we notice that you are ultimately a detriment to the overall success of the group then we will do our best to work with you to help you improve. We expect our members to be receptive to advice and feedback about their performance; our criticism should not be seen as a personal attack. If we still don't obtain the desired results then eventual replacement might be necessary, so it truly is in the best interests of both the group and the member to find and fix any problems that arise.
  Always Prepared
We expect our members to be on time and prepared for raid before 6am Server Time (PST). This means that all flasks and potions are made, all coins are collected and turned in, and all gear is properly gemmed and enchants as needed. We simply don't have the time to waste on tasks that can be done during the week leading up to raid.

Another key aspect of this is research boss strategies. We try to make our strategy known before the day of raid so that everyone has time to research. Having to take the time to explain every detail of the fight only slows us down and takes away valuable time from the other members.
  Great Communicator
We like hearing from everyone! We like to hear how your day is going, or about that funny conversation you just had, or even about the crazy thing your cat just did. But what we love to hear about even more than that is any thoughts you have about the team and our raid. If you have any suggestions, questions, concerns, complaints, or anything of that nature we expect you to tell us. We have many different ways that you can communicate with both the other members and the team leaders, so utilize the tools available and talk to each other. The more information we have from and about each member the more prepared we'll be for whatever happens in the future.

Is this team a good fit for you?

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