Wreckedified Raiding
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Application Process
Fill out the brief questionairre after completing the required reading on our team philosophy (clicking continue takes you there).  
Add yourself to the Wreckedified Discord. If you do not do this then you will NOT be considered for the team.  
Wreckedified leaders will contact you within 2 days to let you know they received the application.  
Your application will then be reviewed by at least 2 members of the team, then placed on a priority list.  
If your app looks good, we will coordinate a time to do a 10-30 minute interview in Discord to discuss details and ask questions.  
Next, we'll make a decision on whether or not we want to move forward with you, or consider other applicants.  
If everything checks out so far we'll "tenatively" add you to our roster. 2 weeks of good performance on the team is what we want to see. This gives you a chance to get to know us and us you.  
Next, we'll formally invite you to the team, firming up what our expectations are and encourage you to help in other ways.