Wreckedified Raiding
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Wreckedified is a collection of talented raiders from the Convert to Raid community on Aerie Peak (US). The team was originally created to be an "alt" team for several heroic raiders, as a place to relax and gear up different toons. Since its inception in October, 2013 we've slowly transformed into a much more cohesive heroic 10M raid team. We've attracted many "main" toons instead of the regular alts. Our team boasts some of the very best players the guild has to offer, along with some of the very best CtR Community voices. We raid four hours a week starting at 6:00am on Saturday mornings, PST (Server) time.


We recruit players, not toons. We'd happily take the most undergeared toon on the server if we knew he or she had the ability to self-critique with humility and thoroughness. We love good attitudes and hard work. We love a raiding atmosphere where nobody has to perform under the clutches of a tyrannical raid leader. We're able to get away with this and be successful because every player should act as their own tyrannical boss, always squeezing more and more results out of their game-play. If a player starts losing the drive, falling away from the team's standards, or becomes disconnected socially from the team, we trust our leadership to identify and fix the problem before it starts to negatively affect the gameplay of the other nine members. Jamal takes a great deal of pride in knowing his players are enthusiastic about raiding each and every Saturday. He knows how one player's lack of effort and poor attitude can act as a plague amongst the team. This shouldn't worry you and cause you to be nervous about your game-play... This should comfort you and reassure you that someone on the team is looking out for the best interest of the future of Wreckedified.

We are never opposed to looking at new applicants for the team. We encourage you, if offered, to log-in Saturday morning and sit stand-by for a while. Hopefully we can get you in and you can start earning a reputation with the crew.


Any and all applications will be considered at this time.


We're specifically concentrating on finding the right players to enhance our roster. We want to focus on consistency in both attendance and performance.

This Webpage vs. CtR Forums

A link to our Convert to Raid Forum page can be found here

I've decided to build my own webpage for flexibility. Look at all these amazing things we can create specifically for our team! What a terrific means to help make a team feel more like a cohesive family!!! The CtR Forums simply don't have the resources necessary to make each team feel unique.


We try specifically to recruit players which demonstrate a certain level of play and commitment to the team. The truth is that not everyone puts the same effort into their toons, and if a wide enough gap exists between the player with the most effort and he/she with the least effort, tension grows due to this lack of balance and the stability of the team becomes at risk.

There are many different levels of raiding from the super casual alcohol induced wipe-a-thon's to the meticulous and militaristic precision of a hardcore heroic raid team. Most teams fall somewhere in the middle. However each raid member owes it to the team to play at a level consistent with what the Raid Leader defined as the team's level.

The graphic below illustrates the level of play Wreckedified aims for compared to some of the higher-end Convert to Raid raid teams.

Raiding Levels

In short, the following can be expected of a Consistent Team Member of Wreckedified:

  1. Show up on time.
  2. Have an understanding of ones own mechanics when encountering a new fight.
  3. Ensure you have 4+ flasks, and enough potions for the entire raid.
  4. Run Alternate difficulties for any critical upgrades you might be missing.
  5. Fix problems as you find them (raid mechanics, gearing, rotation, attitude, etc.)
  6. Have a minimum artifact weapon level of 52 for your main raiding spec BEFORE entering Tomb of Sargeras.

For DPS players Specifically:

  1. Have a minimum DPS percentile on 50% for your item level on encounters during the current raid tier.

More serious raid teams might expect players to do the following:

  1. Be stern about players failing to execute mechanics.
  2. Make individual Weak Auras or other addon tweaks for each encounter.
  3. Clear all content weekly to Maximize Artifact Power gains.
  4. Farm all legendary items for your spec in order to use "BiS" for each encounter
  5. Thoroughly understand every mechanic of every fight without exception.